NOW OPEN at 95 King St E., Gananoque ON

About Us

1000 Islands Trading Co. is a meeting place for those who love this region as much as we do. Whether you live here year-round, are a seasonal resident, or are just visiting from somewhere else, you'll feel our passion for the 1000 Islands. 

Growing up in Gananoque, the Gateway to the 1000 Islands, I learned about how this region was the "playground of the rich and famous" and dreamed then of making this true once again. Since then I have lived and travelled around the world, seen many beautiful places...and have come back to the 1000 Islands. Enough said!

It is our goal now to give back to this region by making a lifestyle brand that promotes the 1000 Islands and supports the community here.

Our products are made to enhance your enjoyment of the 1000 Islands - floating on your boat, sitting dock-side, relaxing at your cottage or simply at home. And no matter whether it's "the River", one of the many lakes that dot the region, or deep in the woods, 1000 Islands Trading Co. is for everyone.  

Enjoy our products...and enjoy the 1000 Islands!